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  SLIDERS RESET MODE: [SETTINGS/'Sliders Reset Mode' Switch]

        AUTOMATIC: Changing filter resets slides .
        TAP TWICE: Changing filter not affect slides (tapping over actual mode reset slides).

When this button is labelled 'PAUSE' pauses the image, and start the drawing proccess.
When it is labelled 'RUN' returns to preview.
This button don't store any image or file, typical workflow is pause image with this button, select filter mode, tweak with mode parameters and when you like the result click on 'SHARE' button. Then click this button (actually labelled 'RUN') to back to preview and get another image.

  Finding SVG files in iTunes:
  - connect device to the Mac (or PC) and start iTunes
  - select your device ( on the button on top right OR in the sidebar on the left)
  - select "Apps" in top menu , now you can see apps installed on your device
  - scroll down, select imaengine, SVG files are listed and you can save to your Mac (or PC)

Apple documentation,

Dropbox Notes:

There are two options to Upload SVG files to Dropbox:

1-Tap SHARE, tap Dropbox icon.
(if a file with same name exists in DroBox folder SVG files are renamed, never overridden)

2-Upload ALL existing SVG files in internal memory from SETTINGS/'Upload SVG files', with 2 options:
     -Don't upload duplicated files ON , if a file already exists in Dropbox folder It won't be uploaded
     -Don't upload duplicated files OFF , if a file already exists in Dropbox folder, SVG file will be renamed and uploaded. (this is only recomended if you have more than one device)

*It is your work delete SVG Files when you don't need it any more. You can do this with the button in SETTINGS or through iTunes.